Wireless module and Internet of Things experts

The company has a core software and hardware R&D team, has its own wireless protocol stack and software and hardware intellectual property rights, and has built an end-to-end solution advantage in the field of wireless communication and industrial control. The products cover IOT wireless modules and intelligent gateways such as Bluetooth (BLE), LoRa, ZigBee, 24GHz-77GHz Millimeter Waves Radar, UWB, 4G, 5G, Sub1G-5.8G, and can be customized in depth according to customer requirements to provide one-stop overall product solution services. At present, the company's products are mainly used in smart cars, logistics and transportation environment monitoring, goods and personnel positioning, industrial Internet of Things, sensor networks, intelligent wear, health care, Smart home, mobile internet, smart home appliances, smart hardware, mobile computer peripheral and other fields.

Focus on automobile/motorcycle products and motor control solutions

The R&D team of the company has 20 years of experience and has unique advantages in lamps, multimedia touch screens for vehicles and motor control products. We can provide a one-stop service from program customization to module customization to overall scheme customization according to customer requirements. The company will focus more on the development and application of automobile and motorcycle products in the existing characteristic projects, including the development of sensors, high-power power supplies for vehicles, PEPS and other products.At present, the company's products have been used in mainstream domestic main engine manufacturers such as Chang'an Automobile, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Chunfeng Motorcycle and Dachangjiang Motorcycle.


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