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         Egooelec distributes all kinds of active components (IC integrated circuits, memory chips) and electromechanical components (connectors, switching devices). In order to reduce costs, Egooelec provides a full range of one-station electronic component supply chain solutions, including: The original factory authorized distribution agent long-term orders, seven-day delivery supply scheme of components in short supply, surplus materials resale and inventory optimization, bill of materials and small batch supply, and other series of solutions.
         Egooelec is one of the largest electronic component mixing distributors in China. Is committed to creating a global hybrid distributor pioneer, through a full range of one-stop electronic component professional supply chain solutions, constantly improve the supply chain management of manufacturers, to help manufacturers in research and development, procurement, production, logistics, warehouse, capital and other aspects of the cost reduction, shorten the delivery time. In recent years, it has been working hard in new energy, UAV, robot, charging pile, smart home, medical instrument and other industries.
         Egooelec special services: seven day delivery plan for the shortage of components 24 hours a day for more than 1000 manufacturers in the world to meet their urgent production, at the same time new projects small batch quickly set to allow customers to speed up the development of new products, improve market competitiveness. The resale program of excess inventory of components successfully helped customers withdraw funds quickly and realized the value preservation and appreciation of raw materials.


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